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I read the content on your homepage, but I’m not fully convinced. How do I know if I need this?

If you’re planning to sustain in business and remove yourself as the middle man whether you have a “big” team or not, this is the community for you! Documenting your processes is the key to streamlining your operations and reclaiming your time. The money comes (and stays) when this is mastered.

Hmm.. What’s expected of me when I join?

What you put into this community & resources is solely dependent on you.

Sound interesting, but I’m still on the fence. Is there a way I can learn more about Adriana and The Lazy Millennial prior?

Yes! Make sure you head over to the main website if you haven’t already and look through the resources available (www.thelazymillennial.net). We also encourage you to join the main mailing list to get to know Adriana. Click here to join.

Alright, I’m in. But wonder if I don’t like Adriana or how this community is run. Then what?

We understand that no matter how much effort we put into making this an inviting and welcoming space for all, it may not be your cup of tea. This is why we give a 7 day trial for you to look around and make sure this is something you want to be a part of. 

Do you offer a refund once the seven (7) days are up?

No. The money is dispensed to our team, affiliates, and other obligations. Just ensure to uncheck the box to ensure you don’t get charged again based on the plan of choice. If you are using the third party vendor, you will still need to make payments with them. However, we are positive this investment will be worthwhile.

I saw you offer payment plans, who do you use for that?

We use Wizebank. If you go this route, please ensure that you budget for that amount. Once you start the payments, it is out of our hands.